sreda, 31. avgust 2011

A quickie

Here another quckie...I never really liked wedges, but i've been literally drooling over these Asos super high wedge boots -->

I would totally buy them by now, i'm just not sure about the heights...they would make me super tall right?I have to think about it...if i don't find anything appropriate i'll get them :) so please...if you find and similar wedges, let me know!

What are your thoughts on wedge boots?Love'em or hate'em?I think this pair totally changed my mind :P

petek, 26. avgust 2011

Champagne for Tonja

Hey sunshines?How are you?I just had an exam today, but it went ok so i'm not really worried. It's been really hot for the past few days, so on Monday, when our family gathered to celebrate my cousin's newborn baby Tonja this is what i wore for the occasion -->

Again, this is a really simple was waaaay to hot to layer and complicate things :) i just added some golden accessories which i think look really chic and make this simple summer dress a little more special ;)

A straw hat was definitely a necessity that day!I just love the one i'm wearing (got it as a bithday present from my BF)

Haha, i nearly lost my balance here :P 

 Here's a close up of the accessories...i bought this H&M bracelet on a family trip to Salzburg :)


 All in all, it was a great day and i can't wait to meet this little pumpkin :)

 I'm wearing: Smash dress, Bata heels, H&M golden bracelet, New Look clutch, H&M straw hat and sunglasses

torek, 23. avgust 2011

A quickie

Hello ladies!How are you doing in this hot summerish weather?The temperatures are so high these days and it almost feels as if i'm melting :) how are you holding up?Here's what keeps me cool -->

Vanilla ice-cream with some cute topping :)

P.S. drink a lot of water, stay in the shade, wear SPF and enjoy!I'll be back soon with some new outfit posts!

nedelja, 21. avgust 2011

New Asos order, new blog, new mascara and new life :)

So, what's new?A lot actually :) i decided to start blogging only in english, because translating everything takes so much time...i hope you all agree, if not, please let me know and i'll take your suggestions into consideration!So, moving on...i'm soooo sorry for the lack of posts, i've been so busy these days (studying, working...) but i promise i have quite a few interesting things to show you guys :D

This blog post is about everything that's let me start with what's new and on it's way from Asos, and more importaly (is that the right word?I'm not sure...) where did i get an idea form -->

I saw this snake necklace on a fellow blogger's blog --> On A Budget :) She just started blogging, and i'm pretty sure she'll have lots of amazing stuff to show us (including outfit posts i hope?). Check out her blog and see for yourself!
(I just hope she's not upset for ordering the same necklace...i fell in love with it when i saw it in her post *blush*)

And now about the new mascara that never happened...i wanted to order this new Benefit mascara on Asos, but unfortunately they only ship this particular item to UK&Ireland :/ i hope i get it somewhere, cause based on the reviews i saw it's great :)

And now the most imporant announcement...welcome Tonja!My cousin and his girlfriend welcomed their first daughter on Friday 19th of August. I know they'll be amazing parents and i can't wait to see this little pumpkin :) i bet she's such a cutie...

So tell me what's new with you? :D

torek, 09. avgust 2011

new hat and a great dinner!

Neskončno iskanje je končno obrodilo sadove...našla sem klobuček :) imela sem nemalo težav, saj imam očitno preveliko glavo za običajne klobučke iz ženskega oddelka, saj sem tega našla na moškem oddelku :P

After searching for a cute hat that would fit my head i finally found it :) on a men's departement haha...i guess my head is too big for normal women hats :/ :P anyways, i love it! 

I'm wearing: H&M: shirt, hat, necklace, Primark: bag

In še fotka odlične večerje iz Domačije v Šepuljah (Sežana)...priporočam! :) yummy

Radi nosite klobučke?Koliko jih je v vaši zbirki?Moji sta trenutno 2 slamnika in tale :)
So, do you like wearing hats?How many do you own?I have two straw hats and this one :)

sreda, 03. avgust 2011

Project hair :)

Kaj pravite na to, da bi vsake toliko objavila kakšen hair tutorial?Zame bi bil to kar velik projekt, glede na to da imam 95% časa spuščene lase in sem brez idej kaj sploh narediti z njimi. Če pa se že lotim oblikovanja frizure imam pa nemalo težav z obstojnostjo zaradi strukture las....s tem mini projektom bi sama dobila par idej, pa še komu drugemu bi prav prišlo :) kaj pravite?Tukaj je nekaj simpatičnih tutorialov --> 

I'm thinking about posting a hair tutorial every now and would be quite a project for me, cause i normally never wear any kind of hairdo, and when it comes to that i'm completely clueless. Even when i try to do something with it i have a lot of trouble with stability of it, because of my hair i guess i'll get some ideas with this mini project, and maybe you will too :) so what do you say?Here are some super cute tutorials that i like -->

The Boho Braid

A Hint of Vintage

Knot your average pony 

Kako se vam zdi?Kateri tutorial vam je najbolj všeč?Imate kakšne predloge, želje?

What do you think about it?Which tutorial do you like best?Do you have any suggestions,wishes?