ponedeljek, 26. marec 2012

Just a quick hello

Waaaaa, it's such a beautiful sunny day here in Ljubljana...i'm loving it so far!Even though, i have tons of work to do, i don't mind since i have lots and lots of energy today :)

Anyways, here is photo of what i was wearing today...it's only one photo, but you'll get the idea :P

I'm wearing: pants, shirt, blazer, starfish ring H&M, watch Asos, sunglasses Vogue, black ankle boots Graceland

I also have a few pics of my nailpolish :P i've been wearing it for 3 days now and it still hasn't chipped...so far so good. Here's Essence Joe (it's such a cute and pretty nail polish, don't know what they named it Joe haha) :)

And how are you doing on this beautiful day?

četrtek, 22. marec 2012

Why not treat yourself?

Hey ladies, what's up?It's such a beautiful sunny day outside i can't help but feel super happy :) my day started out so good...i woke up this morning, feeling relaxed and fresh and made myself a big cup of coffee that gave me that little extra boost of energy i needed to start this day. 

Oh, and how did i start my day?Or should i say, how i should start my day...hihi, of course i should start it by studying but i didn't. Instead, i thought it would be a good (no, wait...a brilliant) idea to check out Asos web page and browse through all the pretty things that are just calling my name...well, i wasn't really impressed by a lot of things, but when i saw these, they just had to be mine -->

Asos Storm Point Court Shoes 

What are your thoughts on pointed shoes?
I'm not really a fan, but i really like this pair.

And i also couldn't resist this bracelet -->

And the best part is, i got them 25% off with this code --> NEWSEASON25 

Maybe it's time to put some wanted items off your wishlist and into your shopping bag :P

And how did you start your day?

nedelja, 18. marec 2012

You bought what?

Yes...i'm guilty :) I have to admit that last week or so, i was like "hell no, i'm not getting myself a colorful pair of jeans" (even though i desperately needed them in any color other than black). So here i was, going on a good lunch with my sister, standing in H&M instead of a restaurant, putting on a pair of mint trousers and thinking...there is no way that these will look good on me!Wait, what?I was hooked...they look amazing!I asked my sister what she thinks and we both agreed i just had to take them home with me :) She got a pair to...in yellow, and they look amazing on her!

I also got these dreamy feather earrings...

pants & earrings H&M

I absolutely love how they fit me and i'm definitely considering getting some more colorful pants, now that i know they can actually look good on me :)

I've already put together a couple of outfits with them and i can't wait to show them to you!

So what do you think about this years pastel trend?Will you go for it?

torek, 06. marec 2012

Things that make me happy

Let's talk about things that make us happy. There are so many little details and stuff that put a smile on my face i decided i'd like to share them with you...

I LOVE to wake up in the morning and enjoy a good coffe in my favourite cup. It gives me time to get ready for a new day and all the things that are on my "to do" list. 

Freshly painted nails...i know this one in kinda silly, but i really like picking up a new color out of my nail polish collection and kinda sum up how i'm feeling at the moment. I always pick the color that shows in what kind of mood i'm in...do you?

Ah....good dessert always puts a smile on my face. I'm a true candy lover, so a nice pretty cupcake, warm chocolate pancakes or refreshing ice-cream is all i need when i'm feeling a little down.

Flowers in the spring (or at any time of course). Why?Because it just shows how many beautiful things we can find around us and it's such a sweet prelude to summer.

Another thing that makes me happy is opening the bycicle season...and i'm super happy it's already warm enough to do so :)  

Of course, this list is never ending
 but i would really like to hear what makes you happy?

I hope you have a great sunny day darlings :*