petek, 30. september 2011

Off to the seaside

Finally, another vacation :) i think i really deserve it this year, after all the hard work at college!So, i'm off to the seaside with my BF tomorrow, and won't be back for a while (at least 10 days) :P after this summerish like break, i'm going away for the weekend with my friends and i'm sooo excited about that too. From seaside to countryside i guess :P Anyways, i'm switching to party mode fo worrying, just relaxing, reading good books (don't get me wrong...i read A LOT!But most of my reading is about college stuff so i really miss reading books by my own choice), catching last sun rays and having lots and lots of fun...oh, and eating enormous amount of ice-cream of course :D so be good and see you soon :*


ponedeljek, 26. september 2011

sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey...

I'm totally having waffles for breakfast tomorrow :P after seeing these photos, what else is there to do?yum yum :)

torek, 20. september 2011

Look what i've found in my mom's closet...

Hey ladies!I've been pretty busy, but in a few days i'll pack up my books and hide them for a while and switch to party mode :P and I just can't wait!This year was totally crazy for me, so taking a little break is all i need :P (not from blogging though...only from all the studying and stress!). So guess what?The other day i was looking for something and i went through my mom's wardrobe and found this amazing purse...i think it's absolutely gorgeous!I'm quite surprised i like it though, cause it has snake print and all, but i do. Wanna see?

It even had a matchy matchy wallet cool is that? :)

Sometimes it really pays off to look through mom's things right?:P
Have fun till next time :*

nedelja, 11. september 2011

Caotic Circus

Hey ladies :) i just realized i haven't posted any nail polish pics in a while now, so i guess today will be the day to do have you been doing?My life is pretty caotic at this moment, since i'm studying like crazy to make it to my 4th and last year in college. I know i'm gonna make it, i'm just really tired and i can't wait to take a break from everything...and i'm not talking about a weekend getaway or smth, i'm talking about a whole month of wandering around and relaxing. I already have a great plan, so i hope it comes true :P

Ok, now back to the nail polish...i was kinda bumed yesterday, so i had to make a happy and colorful manicure :) what better way to do so, than to put on a bright purple/pinkish shade and circus confetti on top?

E.L.F. --> Fuchsia 

E.L.F Fuchsia + Essence Circus Confetti 

Do you like the outcome?I must say, circus confetti really made my day ;)

četrtek, 08. september 2011

Autumn wishlist...

Yep, the fall is already kicking in and i LOVE it...somehow i'm always so excited when seasons change, and even though i was so thrilled when summer began, i'm also super excited about this years fall and winter (which is my absolute favourite, because it's Christmas time and all that) :P so, tell me ladies... 

                                  what is your favourite season?

I want both blouses, cause i think they're amazing.

Black jeans are a must for me!

Hello pretty hat ;)

Everything is from H&M

petek, 02. september 2011

When first rays of sun touched the white dress...

Hey lovelies, how are you?I got up early this morning, because me and my friend Ajda decided to go on a little trip and take a few photos of that white dress i bought at Asos (remember?). We went to Barje and it was absolutely beautiful and dreamy.

The pictures speak for themselves, so i'll just stop blabbing :P

Ok i just have to add that I think the pictures are amazing, thanks to the photographer of course :*

What do you think?Are you a fan of maxi dresses?

Have a great weekend :) i really need to relax!Starting right now ;)