nedelja, 29. januar 2012

Back to the 80's

Big hair (that was a tough one), heavy makeup, pink lipstick, crazy neons and sequins....80's was all about having fun :) 

This song always reminds me of good times and make me happy so go, listen to the song and have some fun :D

nedelja, 22. januar 2012

On it's way and a new family member

Look what i finally ordered...i've wanted this sequin sweater for sooo long but it was always sold out. That's a funny story actually, cause i finally gave up on it and bought a replacement in Stradivarius (also a sequin sweater, the only difference is that i bought it in silver), and when i got home i checked River Island's site (doooh, what else!) and saw that it was back in stock :) i didn't hesitate this time and bought it immediately along with a dress that, unfortunately, i won't be getting because they ran out of stock :/ buuu...but at least i'm finally getting my oversized sequin sweater :D

And here is the dress that is on my wishlist now :P i hope they get it back in stock

And now the exciting news...we have a new family member :D here she is -->


Well, i gotta run now...i have two exams this week so i have to go and study!Pure joy :) haha

Have a great week ladies



torek, 17. januar 2012

Right now i'm....

Studying...i wish i could tell you i'm studying like crazy but unfortunately (for me) this is not the case so i put together some inspirational pics to keep me motivated at least a little bit :)

I really hope this quote is true :D

I definitely need to step up my game, so here's a new 2012 resolution -->

True, indeed :D 

Oh well...yep, that got me motivated :P now all i have to do is clean my room a little bit, make myself a cup of coffee, call my friend to see how she's doing with her studying and...haha, sounds like a plan right?

Do you have any interesting study technics?Please share :D

petek, 13. januar 2012



I think this leather jacket is absolutely jaw dropped when i saw it!It's also quite expensive (140£) 

Oh well, maybe i'll win the lottery, who knows :P

Nice ankle boots would go great with the jacket right?

Oh well...i just had to include some bling :P haha :D

All from River Island

Have you put together your wishlist?

I seriously need to STOP browsing through River Island, Asos and other similar websites cause this is just too much :) 

torek, 10. januar 2012

New in

Yesterday was a pretty cool day :) First, i finally got my Belgian waffle at Lolita's...they're soooo good i can't even tell you so the best thing you can do is to try them yourself :P you won't be disappointed!The day got even better when my mom, my sister and i went shopping and i finally found the perfect black leather boots i've been looking for so long now. Seriously, i couldn't find a single decent pair of boots that didn't have something fugly attached to them. But now i have them. Happy happy happy. 

Oh, and another thing that made my day nail polish package finally arrived and despite the fact my nails are still short and not in a very good condition i had to try it on (i'll post a photo of it, as a preview).

But first, the boots -->

They're super comfortable and did i mention how happy i am i got them?They were also 50% off so at that price they were a bargain :)

And my new glitter nail polish China Glaze - Some Like It Haute (loving the name)

Here's a little preview...just look at the way it sparkles :) this was the only shoot i made and i didn't even bother to catch all the beautiful holographic glitter. It's absolutely dreamy on the sun and i can't wait for my nails to grow so i can make some decent shots and show you this pretty polish in all it's glittery beauty :P

(haha, looks like i almost wrote a love poem to this one)


Have you ever had any TopShop shoes?What do you think about them?Were they comfy?I think they're quite pricey, but if you have a chance to buy a pair or two (or three...) on sales then go for it!

petek, 06. januar 2012

Bright sunny day

Yeeey, it's sunny here in Ljubljana :) i'm so excited about that!I just had to go out and make a  few photos of my outfit which is quite simple (again) :P i just wish the little sequins on the scarf would be more visible, cause they look really nice -->

some goofy photos -->

lool, this one looks like i'm about to surf of  :D

 I'm wearing: H&M dress & blazer, Primark scarf, Wallis bag, necklace made by Ana na S (it was a gift from Pink_Diamond), Swarovski bracelet

So how was your day ladies?Did you catch any sun?I hope it lasts, i really like this kind of weather i just wish the temperatures were a bit lower :P I WANT SNOW! ha :P

Oh, and another question...did you hit the sales already?i know you did, don't try to deny it :P Tell me, what did you treat yourself with?

Take care and enjoy the sun :*


torek, 03. januar 2012

Pretty pretty presents

Hello lovelies, how are you?How did you spend your NY's?I was with my BF and friends and we had an amazing time :) Even though NY's was great, the year itself didn't start as great as i thought so i really hope for the best in the future months!

I thought i would show you what i got for Christmas this year :) i didn't take pictures of all the presents i got, but here are some of my favourite:

I got a new cellphone and i was absolutely blown away when i saw it under the Christmas tree :)  I really wanted this one in white, and i only mentioned it once in September, so i didn't expect for Santa to remember :P Thank you veeerrryyyy much Santa :*

I'm also i huge fan of Audrey and i got this beautiful calendar...she's such a classic beauty <3

Warm scarf and cape (you can see how it looks like here) were also hiding under our Christmas tree :)

A gift certificate for a massage...i've never been, have you?I can't wait to go and spoil myself a little bit :)

Funny story with this bag actually....i bought it back when i was in London in May and it was my favourite bag all summer until i accidentally ripped it :/ i was so imagine my surprise when i got it for Christmas?My sister really surprised me, because i know how much effort was put in finding this particular bag for me...thank you sis, you're the best :*

(waaaa,so excited about the bag)

I'm still waiting for this ring to arrive ;) It's from Disney Couture and i fell in love with it as soon as i saw it :)
Thanks Santa (again) :*

So tell me, what did you find under your Christmas tree?I already checked out most of the blogs, and i must say we've obviously been really good this year ;)

Take care and be safe,