sreda, 29. februar 2012


How could i not write a blog post on leap year!It's such a special date and besides...the day was way too beautiful to skip taking some photos of my today's outfit :)

So, i'm back from my skiing trip and it was awesome. The weather was perfect and it was really relaxing too. It was so weird when we got home and it was like 15°C...the temperature difference was very noticeable, but i don't mind having more spring like weather around here :P 

Ok, i'll stop boring you with my are the pics of today's outfit --> 

I'm wearing: H&M skirt, blazer, hair elastic, TopShop boots, random tights, Asos watch and snake necklace, bag from Ebay, Vogue sunglasses

I really wanted to capture my newest accessorie - hair elastic with golden it?

Another thing i would like to share with you is this gorgeous view from our balcony -->

What have you been up to ladies?

Enjoying the sun? :)



petek, 17. februar 2012

Going skiing

Can't wait :) I'm going skiing with my family and i'm super excited about that...are you going as well?

Take care and have lots of fun,
see you in a week,



sreda, 15. februar 2012

Short and fun getaway

Hey ladies?How are you?I just got back from a mini vacations with my BF and it was great...just what i needed!It was totally relaxing (except when we decided to walk on frozen lake, that was a bit terrifying for me but we survived) and i can't wait for another short getaway :) 

So i finally took the time to take some pics of that beige sequin sweater i've been talking about a lot...i love to wear it, it's so comfy and i think it goes with everything. I like the fact that it's a simple oversized sweater, but at the same time the sequins make it special and it doesn't look like an ordinary sweater.

I can't remember the last time i was walking on frozen lake...well, i can tell you that it was a special experience and i totally freaked out a couple of times when i heard the ice crack. Brrr, you can imagine how happy i was when we got back and stepped on solid ground :)

Here's a picture of the lake -->

I'm wearing: River Island oversize beige sequin sweater, random tights, H&M black dress, TopShop boots, a bag from ebay (gift from my BF), coat Zara, sunglasses Vogue

Yeeeey, bright sunny day :)

A little break on Bled Island :) 

What have you been up to ladies?

Ever walked on frozen lake before?Were you scared?



četrtek, 09. februar 2012

Couldn't resist

Hey ladies, how are you?I've been ill for the last couple of days (i guess i cought a cold during the weekend) and it just remembered me that catching a cold is no But i'm feeling better now :) Anyways, i really enjoyed my "time-out", hanging in my room watching new episodes of different tv series with a hot cup of tea in one hand and a tissue in another :)

After feeling just a little bit better i went out and ran into these colorful and sparkling cuties...i couldn't decide which one i like best so i took these -->

1. Essence Nail Art Twins --> Romeo&Julia
2. Essence Nail Art Twins -- Blair
3. Essence Nail Art Twins --> Gabriella&Troy

Are you familiar with Essence Twins?Do you like the combos?

Which one is you favourite?

Of course i didn't stop there....while passing H&M i noticed these pretty springy ballerinas :) Again, i couldn't decide about the colour so i took them in green and blue -->

4. H&M ballerinas in blue
5. H&M ballerinas in green

Can't wait to wear them...

How could i resist such pretty and vibrant colors?Would you?

Hope you're all feeling well and warm,

Love, M